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Applicants From China

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Vericant. Based in mainland China, Vericant conducts preliminary interviews and administers writing samples for our admission’s office review.

The Vericant interview is a required component of our application process and allows us to ensure the applicant is a good fit. We encourage you to schedule your interview as soon as possible. Our office is unable to schedule a campus visit before reviewing your Vericant interview.

For more information about Vericant’s service, fees and procedures, please visit their website: www.vericant.com.


Vericant FAQ

How many Chinese students do you plan to enroll this year?

We hope to enroll 4-6 Chinese students.

I didn’t receive the introduction letter/email from your school. Did you really ask Vericant to interview me?

Yes, and we are happy to resend your welcome letter if you did not receive it.  Please contact us.

If I plan to visit campus, do I have to go through Vericant?

Yes. We require a preliminary interview with Vericant for all applicants in order to maintain a healthy balance in campus visits from international and domestic applicants.

If I work with a consultant, do I have to go through Vericant?

A student presently studying in the U.S. at another school is not required to interview with Vericant.

I am already studying in the U.S. this year. Do I have to interview with Vericant?

A student presently studying in the U.S. at another school is not required to interview with Vericant.

When is the Vericant deadline for your school?

January 15.

How do I apply to St. George’s after your January 15 deadline?

Although the date has passed, you may still contact Vericant for your interview. St. George’s will review your application materials and Vericant interview as spaces remain available. To learn more about Vericant and schedule an interview, please visit www.vericant.com. Your Vericant interview will satisfy our interview requirement; no further Skype or campus interview will be required.

Ready to apply?

St. George’s accepts the Gateway to Prep Schools Application and the SSAT Standard Application Online (SAO).

The completed application and the application fee must be submitted before the deadline.

All applications are due Jan. 15

We Use the Character Skills Snapshot