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Captain's Log

  • 2019 Summer Voyage
Hadley Harbor

This morning we hauled back the anchor and began our short trip to Woods Hole, MA. Without much breeze, we decided to use the engine for the 12nm voyage. John smoothly steered Geronimo through a tricky channel into Woods Hole Harbor.

Ashore, we visited Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) marine exhibits, and had the opportunity to learn about the submarine exploration vessel, Alvin. Students ate ice cream and checked out town during free time before returning to Geronimo.

We’ve since moved the vessel to Hadley Harbor, tonight’s anchorage. Christian brought us through the harbor’s narrow opening and convinced me to keep going to the inner harbor further back. I’m glad he did; this is a tranquil spot.

Everyone enjoyed an afternoon swim in warm water. Ashley and Elizabeth are in the galley making dinner and dessert. The girls have exceeded expectations, making cupcakes from scratch for dessert.

Most of tomorrow will be spent underway as we head back to Narragansett Bay.

  • 2019 Summer Voyage
Second Sea Legs trip underway

With all the students on board, Geronimo left Bristol Harbor on the second Sea Legs voyage of the summer. Each student had a turn tacking the boat and handling the winches as we made our way south down Narragansett Bay. Ashley did an especially good job steering and saved us some extra maneuvering by carefully sailing Geronimo upwind. Once at anchor, Ricky made tacos for dinner. Afterwards, Lily and Caroline, this trip’s senior leaders, organized a few games to play in the evening.

This morning, after chores, we had a short navigation lesson before sailing to Cuttyhunk, MA. The wind conditions allowed us to sail here without turning on the engine. This group has taken to sailing quickly, it’s hard to believe they’ve only been aboard for 24 hours. Shortly after anchoring, we went for a swim off the boat. Most of the crew are currently on deck enjoying the sunshine. We will head ashore to explore Cuttyhunk this afternoon before returning to the boat for dinner. Christian is the cook today and plans to make mac and cheese for dinner.

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