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College Counseling

Since most St. George’s college counselors are teachers, dorm parents and coaches, students have a built-in relationship of trust well before the formal college search process begins.

Knowing students so well means that counselors are uniquely equipped to help students identify the college or university for which they are truly the best fit. College preparation and counseling at St. George’s blends group and individual meetings that happen in formal and informal settings. A student’s fifth-form year kicks off with large group sessions on how to approach the college search. Counselors familiarize students with available resources, including Naviance, a tool for college search and planning. Additional group sessions inform students on what factors (e.g., size, location, extracurricular activities) they should consider as they narrow down their school list. Other meetings help students navigate the world of standardized testing. Students then transition to individual appointments (some are required, others happen spontaneously) where counselors coach students on personal statements, give tips on filling out the Common Application and provide feedback on everything from essays to campus visits.

Click through for a list of schools at which recent St. George’s graduates have enrolled.

Special Events

Fifth-Form Parents Weekend

Fifth-Form Parents Weekend means one-on-one meetings between college counselors and students’ parents. In group-sessions, parents have the opportunity to interact with admission professionals, financial-aid representatives and alumni parents who have recently experienced the college-admission process themselves.

St. George's Annual College Fair

More than 100 representatives from colleges and universities come to St. George’s Annual College Fair in April. By this point, most of our students have drafted a list of schools, engaged in a mock interview and toured at least one college.

Mock Admissions

The Fitch College Mock Admission Session provides an excellent platform to create meaningful discussion about the college process. The program requires participants to read five mock applications and take detailed notes on the individual reader sheets, assigning an academic and non-academic rating to each mock applicant. Then, participants pretend they are admission officers on staff at Fitch College evaluating applications for the early action/early decision pool. Admissions professionals from various colleges help lead breakout discussions where each group votes to accept two, defer one, and deny two of the five applicants who have applied.


At St. George’s, we have high standards for our students. College counselors expect each student to play an active role in his or her college admission process. It is up to students to solicit recommendations from teachers (counselors take care of the follow-up), sign up for standardized testing, and brainstorm ideas for personal statements and essays. To facilitate that process, counselors invite admissions professionals to campus to critique students’ interview skills and application materials. College counselors also host essay-writing workshops and the Horton Center’s Writing Lab is open to all—to ensure that our students submit their best body of written work.

Third-Form Year

  • Set academic and extra-curricular goals while becoming acclimated with St. George’s.

  • Establish and refine your classroom skills.

  • Get involved and develop your passions by joining a club, activity or group.

  • Grades matter!  Each year, your grades will be calculated into your cumulative GPA.

  • Begin conversations with your family about college expectations including personal finances and preferences.

  • Utilize your summer free time to be productive - volunteer, take a course, complete an internship, find a job.

  • Curious about testing? View the testing flowchart to learn more.

Fourth-Form Year

  • Remain involved in school and/or community activities

  • Create a resume highlighting strengths and interests

  • Consider taking Subject Tests if you are in advanced-level courses

  • Begin to familiarize yourself with the college admissions process by reading the COLLEGE ADMISSION (Mamlet and Vandevelde) text we will give you in the spring

  • Research – Visit college websites, go on an admissions tour for fun, review guidebooks

  • Make the most of your summer and be intentional with your plans

  • If you are on a vacation or a family trip, visit one or two college campuses to get a feel for how different schools can be from each other

  • Curious about testing? View the testing flowchart to learn more.

Fifth-Form Year

  • Enroll in a challenging, yet appropriate course schedule

  • Begin regular meetings with your college counselor

  • Attend all College Counseling Office Programming

  • Continue to gather and organize college information from a variety of schools

  • Create an initial college list in collaboration with your college counselor and family

  • If applying for financial aid, complete the Net Price Calculator on each college’s website to learn possible grant and loan opportunities

  • Research scholarships

  • Establish a testing plan with your college counselor (view flowchart)

  • Take Subject Tests, if appropriate

  • Stay involved and update resume on a regular basis

  • Visit college campuses during the spring break and summer

  • Contact one recommendation writer from a Fifth-Form core subject teacher

  • Complete the Common Application after August 1st

  • Visual and performance artists should work on portfolios or prepare for auditions

  • Athletes should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Remain intentional with your summer plans

  • Over the summer, draft your personal statement and supplemental essays and review them with your counselor

Sixth-Form Year

  • Attend all College Counseling programming

  • Meet with college representatives that visit St. George’s

  • Contact a second recommendation writer from a Fifth- or Sixth-Form core subject teacher

  • Interview with colleges, if required

  • Continue to visit colleges

  • Finalize college list

  • Take SAT, ACT or Subject Tests, if necessary (view flowchart)

  • Stay focused in the classroom

  • Attend regular meetings with your college counselor

  • Prepare college applications and manage deadlines

  • Craft supplemental essays

  • Submit CSS Profile, if required

  • Complete FAFSA form (after Oct. 1)

  • Evaluate schools and compare packages

  • Select one college and deposit by May 1

  • Graduate!

Upcoming Events

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