A Coeducational Boarding and Day School for Grades 9 Through 12

St. George's School

Welcome from the Head of School

Too often in our busy and stressful world, we look at high school as a way station on the road to college and life. Here at St. George’s we believe that the journey matters, that your teenage years should be a time of joy and discovery.

Situated on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the view from our campus is endless. So too are the opportunities available to you. Our students take on new challenges every day. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own class? Travel the globe? Learn to sail? Write songs? Surf at dawn? All of these opportunities, and more, are available at St. George’s. Every year our students propose independent studies, take on internships in cities around the world, sail to new ports, and choose projects and service with personal relevance.

This journey is not yours to undertake alone. St. George’s is a place where people — adults and students — greet each other by name, say hello, hold the door, smile. More than anything, we are a community, a place that gathers people from all backgrounds and experiences to learn, grow, achieve, explore, and laugh together. And laugh we do! Whether it be our annual Pie Race, Friday Night Lights, or just the silly club games in assembly, laughter and joy are ever-present in our daily lives.

Our students have chosen a particular and unique high school experience, one where the experience is judged not just by the outcomes, but by the myriad opportunities available to them along the way. If, like us, you believe the journey matters, come see for yourself what high school can be.


Alixe Callen
Head of School