A Coeducational Boarding and Day School for Grades 9 Through 12

St. George's School

Mission & Leadership


The St. George’s Board of Trustees is the guardian of the school’s mission. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves and to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission.

Our Mission Statement

In 1896, the Rev. John Byron Diman, founder of St. George’s School, wrote in his “Purposes of the School” that:

"the specific objectives of St. George’s are to give its students the opportunity of developing to the fullest extent possible the particular gifts that are theirs and to encourage in them the desire to do so. Their immediate job after leaving school is to handle successfully the demands of college; later it is hoped that their lives will be ones of constructive service to the world and to God.”

Today, we continue to teach our students the value of learning and achievement, service to others and respect for the individual. We believe that these goals can best be accomplished by exposing students to a wide range of ideas and choices in the context of a rigorous curriculum and a supportive residential community. Therefore, we welcome students and teachers of various talents and backgrounds, and we encourage their dedication to a multiplicity of pursuits — intellectual, spiritual and physical — that will enable them to succeed in and contribute to a complex, changing world.

2019-20 Board of Trustees:

Leslie Bathgate Heaney ’92
Board Chair (2005)
Millbrook, N.Y.

April S. Anderson ’86, P’20 (2014)
Atlanta, Ga.

Rodolphus Bethea, Jr. ’87 (2010)
Los Angeles, Calif.

Rebecca Bliss (2018)
East Greenwich, R.I.

Timothy P. Burns P’13, ’16, ’18 (2013)
Portsmouth, R.I.

Alixe Callen P’21
Head of School (2017)
Middletown, R.I.

Kirtley H. Cameron ’91 (2018)
Bedford, N.Y.

Peter C. Cook ’85 (2018)
Washington, D.C.

Eleanor Dejoux P’21 (2018)
New York, N.Y.

William C. Dorsey ’70 (2000)
Philadelphia, Pa.

James T. Dyke '87, P'21 (2019)
Napa, CA ’82

David S. Halwig ’68 (2002)
Alexandria, Va.

Clare G. Harrington (2015)
Greenwich, Conn.

Joseph C. Hoopes, Jr. ’62 (1981)
New York, N.Y.

Fraser L. Hunter, Jr. ’84 (2016)
New York, N.Y.

Hugh M. Jones, Jr. ’77, P’18, ’20 (2018)
Locust Valley, N.Y.

Michael S. Kim ’88 (2014)
Englewood, Colo.

Anthony R. Mayer ’81 (2016)
Denver, Colo.

E. Stanton McLean ’90 (2015)
London, England

George N. Petrovas P’20, ’21 (2017)
Newport, R.I.

David C. Randall ’82, P’18, ’21 (2014)
Houston, Texas

Dana L. Schmaltz ’85, P’17, ’20 (2011)
Boston, Mass.

Meade Thayer ’70 (2018)
Seattle, W.A.

Tad Van Norden ’84 (2010)
New York, N.Y.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. W. Nicholas Knisely, Jr.
Honorary Chair
Providence, R.I


Honorary Members of the Board of Trustees

Francis S. Branin, Jr. ’65
Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

Arthur F. Draper ’61
South Norwalk, Conn.

J. Philip Lee
Westport, Mass.

Betsy S. Michel
New York, N.Y.

Foxhall A. Parker ’43
Pound Ridge, N.Y.

Richard N. Sayer ’65
Middletown, R.I.

Thomas C. Sturtevant ’52
Newport, R.I.

Richard G. Verney ’64
Bennington, N.H.

Charles K. Williams II ’49                    
Philadelphia, Pa.  


Updated: 8/19/19